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Official UK Autel Maxisys MS908 Model S scan Tool with VCI just £1995.00+ VAT

Model S brings increased memory, longer battery life, faster processor and better screen at NO extra cost

This is the handset for the Autel MS908, the same one for all versions of the machine 
The MS908S is a tablet-based multi-make scan tool, featuring a top class processor and ultra fast Wi-Fi.  Communication with the car is by long range, Class 1, Bluetooth, with the VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) being connected to the car's diagnostic socket.  Vehicle and system coverage is the same as on the MS906 BUT there are more adaptions and basic programming, even WITHOUT purchasing the optional J2534 Pass-thru' interface (standard on the MS908SPro and Elite). There are TWO Years' updates included

Autel MS908 handset with 9.7" screen (above)

-Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicle makes
-Complete capabilities for codes, live data, actuation tests, adaptations and ECU coding
-Displays live data in text, graph, analog and digital gauge for easy data review and analysis

-DPF, EPB, Oil Service reset, BMS, ABS/SRS and many more functions

This Bluetooth unit attaches to the car and communicates with the Maxisys handset

Bluetooth VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface)


MS908 kit complete, as delivered

Official UK Autel MS908 with VCI and 2 years' updates
Official UK Autel MS908 with VCI and 2 years' updates
Price: £1,995.00

MS908 features include:
  • Remote operation through VCI, via long range, Class 1, Bluetooth
  • On board rechargeable battery, with up to 8 hrs. life
  • Android operating system, familiar to smartphone users
  • High speed Wi-Fi and multi-tasking capability, meaning you can look up codes and repair hints, while still staying connected to the car
  • Full application list on board the machine, so you can find out in advance if the machine is able to do a particular car/system
  • Automatic update routine means you don't miss out on the (often weekly) software updates.  It also tells you what's improved about the new software you are about to load
  • Truly outstanding graphics, with crisp, clear analogue read-outs and brilliant, lightning fast graphs through the hi-def 9.7" screen
  • Substantial adaption and programming capability, even better than MS906 
Differences between the MS906 and MS908 are:
  • MS908 has a 9.7" screen instead of 7.9" on the MS906
  • Increased coding and programming, particularly on BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda, comes with the MS908, even without the J2534 box
  • MS908 battery life is up to 8 hours, as against 5 for the MS906 but the MS906 also charges from the car
  • MS908 costs an additional £650 + VAT, i.e. £1995 + VAT instead of £1345 + VAT
  • Annual update cost after the first year (not mandatory) is £475 + VAT for the MS906 and £745 + VAT for the MS908.
  • Only the MS908 is compatible with the J2534 pass-thru' programming adapter
  • Only the MS908 can take the MP408 Oscilloscope and MV105 Maxivideo

Order below for immediate delivery by DHL, with 1 year's updates and 2 years' UK-based warranty.  There is also an Equipexpress 21 day money back guarantee, in case you are not completely happy:

Official UK Autel MS908 with VCI
Official UK Autel MS908 with VCI
Price: £1,995.00
This photo illustrates the concept of remote communication by Bluetooth
You can communicate with the car via long-range Bluetooth

The VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface), allowing remote operation via Bluetooth
This photo shows the full Maxisys MS908 case, including many non-16 pin plugs and cables for pre-2000 vehicles
Carrying case and contents for the Maxisys MS908

Front and rear views of the new Maxisys MS908 handset with its 9.7
Front and rear views of the Maxisys MS908 handset

Now just launched for the European market, is Autel's Pass-Thru' programming device the Maxi-Flash Pro.  This is used in conjunction with the MS908 and software licensed by the car manufacturer, to permit a full range of dealer-level programming. For £849+ VAT you can add this J2534 box to an existing MS908 (cost £1995 + VAT), or buy it as part of a new MS908Pro, making the total £2495 + VAT instead of £2844 + VAT.

J2534  Pass Through box for Maxisys MS908

The Maxi-Flash Pro (above)

Order below for immediate delivery by DHL, 1 year's updates and 2 years' UK-based warranty, with a 21 day money back guarantee, if not completely happy:
Autel Maxisys MS908 Scan Tool, complete
Official UK Autel MS908 Scanner
Price: £1,995.00
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