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NEW!! EE309 POWERSTATION super power Battery Booster

Battery booster for trucks, cars, earth movers, boats and locomotives
Price: £295.00

This photo shows the EE309 main unit, with carrying strapWe believe the EE309 is the World's smallest, lightest and most versatile 12/24V battery booster. 

No matter the size or type of engine the EE309 will start it. 

It weighs less than 3.5kg and is about half the size of a typical car battery. 

Watch the EE309 POWERSTATION bring life to the biggest, coldest, engines here

Operation is fully automatic, with the EE309 selecting voltage and providing protection against wrong connection. Its power is simply astonishing and operation is simplicity itself.

Learn all about the EE309 POWERSTATION and its amazing capabilities here