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Instant, official UK updates for your Autel Scan Tool (including "grey imports"!)

Autel DS808 handset.  Now comes in a cardboard box but with 9 extra diagnostic plugs

Much of the value of a modern scan tool is in the application software and major scanner manufacturers often have armies of programmers adding to and improving machine capability. Autel, for instance, have several hundred such people employed and they are not just working on new cars.  The problem arises when customers  find it too difficult to perform the updates or don't know how to buy more after the initial free period is over.

Equipexpress Ltd, in co-operation with Autel UK, have solved this and can even offer the same service for owners of "grey import" Autel devices.  On receipt of your payment, we can "move on" your software expiry date, generally the same day, often within minutes.  There are no memory cards to post, no complicated procedures for you to deal with.  Price is the official one set by Autel UK and closely related to the Autel international US dollar price.

In addition, you get an additional year of Autel UK factory support, to help you with any application problems (can't get into  particular car systems, etc)

Just phone 07854-021502 or e-mail equipexpressltd@yahoo.co.uk for further details, indicating your model and serial no.