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Our best ever value on official UK Autel MS908 scanner
2 years' updates free on all major Autel scanners
New Autel catalogue, printed or downloadable
Greatly expanded Autel Professional range


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Our best ever value on official UK Autel MS908 scanner


Autel's official UK MS908 is our top of the range tool, selling for £1995 + VAT, with 12 months' updates.  Recently, we started offering an additional year's updates, worth £745 +  VAT, completely free. Now we can announce the MS 908 Model S, with more memory, a 10 hour battery, a faster processor and a better screen.

Best of all, you still get 2 years' updates, warranty and support at the SAME price £1995 + VAT, delivered in the EC.

Just what we all need to lift our spirits!

2 years' updates free on all major Autel scanners

Hi all

The big news is that all major, official UK scanners now come with two years' updates.  This even applies to the DS808 at only £995 + VAT! 

What a huge saving and there is no requirement for a trade in, as on our earlier offer.




Hi all,  

Christmas will be soon upon us and, in this season of good will, I thought I'd share with you some of the good will I have been receiving from customers.  Often, these favourable comments are verbal or, even if they are written down, I don't get round to posting them on the website, for others to see.

Anyhow, I have made  an early New Year resolution to post more often.  To get the ball rolling, I have added three of them, one for each aspect of our business and I hope you will find them informative and encouraging.

New Autel catalogue, printed or downloadable

Hi all,

To coincide with big changes and additions to the official UK Autel professional diagnostic range, Autel have issued a new catalogue. You can obtain your own copy by going to either of the two Equipexpress links below. As well as illustrating and describing the products, the catalogue contains list prices of everything, including update costs.
Here are the links to cut and paste:
http://www.equipexpress.co.uk/Request-a-printed-catalogue.html  (for a printed version)


Greatly expanded Autel Professional range

Hi all,

There have been huge changes at Autel UK, our main supplier.  Centred on the smash-hit MS906, the Autel professional  range has now been extended, both up and down, as described below:

The official UK MS906 lists at £1345 + VAT. We now have, in addition the DS808Pro for £995 + VAT.  Although lacking the old-style, pre-2000 plugs of the MS906 and having a 1" smaller screen, it has EXACTLY the same programme and therefore software coverage as the MS906.  What a bargain!

New Autel MS906 scanner brings upparallelled price/perfomance

Hi all

Autel's top selling DS708 scan tool is £1245 + VAT, with all the plugs etc. supplied.  If you want a tablet-based unit you need the MS905 at £1625+ VAT and that comes with an OBDII plug only.  To get all the plugs and functions in a tablet, you need the MS908 at £1995 + VAT.  Now, with the arrival of the MS906, this has all changed.

The official UK Autel Maxisys MS906 (to give it its full name) is a tablet-based scan tool with a SIX-CORE processor for lightning fast response, the complete all-makes Autel software package, a full set of older-style OBD1 plugs and a single OBDII style plug for more modern vehicles.

NEW! Official UK Autel DS708 Compact only £860 + VAT!

Hi all,

The official UK Autel DS708 PRO scanner at £1245 + VAT is a big seller, but what if you could have virtually the same thing for only £860 + VAT?  The new Autel DS708 Compact misses out just a few pre-2000 plugs (which you never use anyway) and 3 elements of Autodata (which you probably already subscribe to).

Just think about what you ARE getting:

  • 5Gb of amazing software, with deep and wide coverage and plenty of coding and programming SAME as the DS708 PRO
  • Smart, strong carrying case, SAME as on the DS708 PRO

Greatly improved Autel scanner coverage

Hi all,

I recently noticed that there had been a lot of updates made to the software on Autel's DS708PRO, MS905 and MS908 scanners, which had not been reflected on the application list on my site.  For example, most makes are now handled till 2014, but this was not reflected at www.equipexpress.co.uk.  To rectify this. the site has been revised and the updated list shown below:

Makes which can be diagnosed,with software "up to model year" dates.  Cars, as well as light vans (Sprinter size or smaller) are extensively covered.

Improved coverage for Autel DS708 and DS708 PRO

Hi all,

Subscribers to Autel DS708  and DS708 PRO updates will be pleased to note that Proton, Perodua and Rolls-Royce have now been added to the machine's repertoire.  Whilst you might not see many of these, it's nice to know you could handle any that came along.

If your updates have expired, it's worth noting that renewing them through Equipexpress automatically makes a DS708 perform like a DS708 PRO, with 1 year's access to 3 elements of Autodata via your PC.

If you fancy an update (£399 + VAT for a year) and are still on the old 4Gb memory card, we'll put the latest software on an 8Gb card and then you just have to pop it into the side of the machine.

Greatly improved spec for Autel MOTPro

Hi all,

The MOTPro scanner was released around  a year ago, intended to offer a cheaper alternative to the best-selling Autel MaxiDas DS708 (now the DS708 PRO).  The MOTPro programme was based on the one in the DS708, but missed out a number of features, such as live readings, graphs, etc.  Also, the version of the DS708 programme on which it drew was not the latest one.  In return, the price of the MOTPro was set at only £499 + VAT, including a year's updates, against around £1200 + VAT.