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Proton and Perodua added to Autel DS708 and 708 PRO

Hi all,

The two Malaysian car makes, Proton and Perodua, have never been as popular as the Japanese and Korean brands, but still there are quite a lot of them about.  In consideration of this, Autel UK have added these two makes to the repertoire of the official UK DS708 and DS708 PRO.  All new machines from Equipexpress Ltd will have these loaded before despatch and any users with current software contracts will be able to add the makes themselves.

Customers whose software has expired can have this resolved by calling Ranald on 07854-02150207854-021502 or e-mailing equipexpressltd@yahoo.

New Autel DS708 PRO scan tool

Hi all,
Here's some really great news.  Autel UK and Equipexpress Ltd. can now announce the new Autel DS708 PRO, replacing the hugely popular DS708. The new unit is identical to the old but with the following improvements:
  • The graphics and badging definitively identify the unit as an official UK device, not a "grey import".  This is vital in order to receive updates and support from Autel UK, together with your free second year warranty, backed by Equipexpress Ltd

More updates for the Autel DS708 Scan Tool!

European software development for the official UK Autel DS708 is handled through the company's Dunstable office, which means the results are tailored precisely to the UK market.  Updates released in the last few days bring 2012 model year capability to nearly every make, with VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda even being to 2013!  At under £1200 + VAT for the whole thing, with 1 year's updates and 2 years' warranty from official UK dealer Equipexpress Ltdwww.equipexpress.

New video on the official UK Autel DS708 Scan Tool

Hi all, 
I have received a lot of requests to produce a video on the DS708, showing just how it works in everyday life.  In response, I've now filmed and uploaded to YouTube a 7 minute introduction to the product.  This was done without any editing at all, so you can see just what happens in real time. 
Here's the link, for you to paste to your internet browser:
I hope you like the video.  I'm planning to produce a few more, on specific elements of the DS708, for example, updating.

Update news about the Autel MOTPro EU908

Hi there,
Here's a piece of really good news for prospective purchasers and existing users of the Autel MOTPro EU908 scan tool.  The MOTPro uses a "cut-down" version  of the programme from it's big brother the MaxiDAS DS708, omitting Coding and Programming, as well as live readings and graphs on anything other than engine, Service Light and Electronic Parking Brake.  This means that, theoretically, the MOTPro should do just what the DS708 does, apart from the above.

Official Autel DS708, still just £1445 INCLUDING VAT

Hi all,
Equipexpress Ltd are official UK dealers for the Autel DS708 and our price of £1445 including VAT covers everything you need.  That means the device in its carrying case, courier delivery in the British Isles, all the usual plugs and harnesses, plus an extra one, the Benz 14 for earlier Sprinters.  In addition, the machine is updated on the day of despatch and comes with 1 year's updates and an extra year's warranty, making 24 months in all.
You might be forgiven for thinking that the DS708 can't be much good at that price, but reading some of the numerous testimonials, both for the machine itself and for Equipexpress, will quickly put your mind at rest.

Autel DS708 - add Great Wall for free!

Hi all,
An exciting development affecting cutomers with the official UK Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner is the free addition of the Great Wall make. Maybe you've not heard of Great Wall, but you soon will.  They are a well-established Chinese manufacturer who are rapidly building a presence in the UK, having opened 20 dealerships already, with many more to come.
Their principal product is the Steed, a heavy duty diesel pick-up, but they have other models too.  Great Wall major on providing a higher spec.

Ford TDCI Injector coding and the Autel DS708

Hi all,
When potential Autel DS708 customers ask me "what doesn't it do?", I usually say "Rovers and Ford TDCI injector coding".  No-one seems too bothered about the first but theywouldlike to be able to do injector coding.  Well, now this feature has been added and it works really well.  Last week, I spoke to a Kilmarnock customer, an ex-Ford technician.  He said he'd just done a Fiesta TDCI and the job was a "piece of cake".  He thought that the machine's simple procedure, together with its huge (7")virtual keyboard were particularly helpful.

The Autel MaxiDAS DS708 and new cars

Hi all,
Ever since its introduction last year, the Autel DS708 has been notable for its ability to handle newer cars and vans than you would normally expect to find on an aftermarket scan tool.  Now, recent updates have meant that 15 out of the 46 makes the machine tackles have acquired software to address 2012 model year vehicles, with the rest to follow soon. Considering the DS708 has lost none of its older application capability and comes with a wide range of non 16-pin plugs too, it really is hard to beat.

Audi/VW Service Light Reset to 2012 - no problem any more!

Hi all,
By far the most common phone queries we receive are those related to resetting service lights on VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT.  Sometimes the job can be simple but often it's a real pain, involving block numbers and inserting various figures into fields (if you can find the right ones).  As of this week, with the launch of software level 5.40 on the Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scan tool, these problems have gone away.  All you have to do on any of the above vehicles to 2012 is just follow the on-screen instructions and the job's done, with not a block number in sight.