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Greatly improved spec for Autel MOTPro

Hi all,

The MOTPro scanner was released around  a year ago, intended to offer a cheaper alternative to the best-selling Autel MaxiDas DS708 (now the DS708 PRO).  The MOTPro programme was based on the one in the DS708, but missed out a number of features, such as live readings, graphs, etc.  Also, the version of the DS708 programme on which it drew was not the latest one.  In return, the price of the MOTPro was set at only £499 + VAT, including a year's updates, against around £1200 + VAT.

What's changed now, is that most of the missing features have been added back in and the overall size of the programme increased such that it needs a 16Gb card instead of the previous 4Gb.  DPF regeneration, TPMS, Parking Brake, etc., etc. are all there in a very comprehensive form.  With the price unchanged at £499 + VAT, this represents simply tremendous value.

Full details will be found on our site www.equipexpress.co.uk.