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Amazing sales of reconditinbed Launch X431 scanners

Hi all,
A considerable proportion of our Autel DS708 scanner sales involve a Launch X431, taken in part-ex.  On receipt, we make sure they're up to scratch, change what has to be changed, thoroughly clean them and then offer them for resale with a 12 months parts and labour guarantee.  At the price we ask, they're really good value but it still amazes me how fast they disappear.  A couple of days ago, we ran a promotion with £100 off and now they're all gone.

Tools to Tasmania

Hi all

Last week, I supplied a CR5 scan tool and CRecorder II data logging device to a guy in Tasmania. He's going to use them on his Jaguar XJ8. I've had quite a number of overseas orders before but never one from so far afield.  Good luck, Max and stay in touch!



Season's Greetings

Hi all
I hope you've had a good Christmas and that Santa was suitably generous (or, at least, appropriate).  More and more businesses nowadays seem to be extending their holidays through to the New Year, although shops are an obvious exception, so maybe you're still taking it easy.  Of course, not everything we buy in the shops is subject to VAT at the full rate but the items that are will shortly be going up, so there's a rush to get them ordered and invoiced now.  This applies to our stuff too, except the books, which are zero rated although, with most of our customers being VAT-registered, it shoudn't make much difference.