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Our best ever value on official UK Autel MS908 scanner
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New Autel catalogue, printed or downloadable
Greatly expanded Autel Professional range


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Greatly expanded Autel Professional range

Hi all,

There have been huge changes at Autel UK, our main supplier.  Centred on the smash-hit MS906, the Autel professional  range has now been extended, both up and down, as described below:

The official UK MS906 lists at £1345 + VAT. We now have, in addition the DS808Pro for £995 + VAT.  Although lacking the old-style, pre-2000 plugs of the MS906 and having a 1" smaller screen, it has EXACTLY the same programme and therefore software coverage as the MS906.  What a bargain!

NEW! Official UK Autel DS708 Compact only £860 + VAT!

Hi all,

The official UK Autel DS708 PRO scanner at £1245 + VAT is a big seller, but what if you could have virtually the same thing for only £860 + VAT?  The new Autel DS708 Compact misses out just a few pre-2000 plugs (which you never use anyway) and 3 elements of Autodata (which you probably already subscribe to).

Just think about what you ARE getting:

  • 5Gb of amazing software, with deep and wide coverage and plenty of coding and programming SAME as the DS708 PRO
  • Smart, strong carrying case, SAME as on the DS708 PRO

Equipexpress appointed an official Autel UK Dealer

Hi all,

The really great news is that Equipexpress Ltd. has been appointed an Official UK Dealer for Autel.  You probably know Autel for their long-established range of OBD2 type scan tools but maybe didn't know that now they have a powerful competitor for Launch, Snap-on , etc. in the form of the DS708. 

I usually take the view that new entrants in this field will take years to assemble a decent software portfolio - but not this time!

The breadth of coverage of European, Asian and American cars and vans is amazing and, of course, the DS 708 platform itself is just something else.

We're appointed an Official Autoboss UK Distributor!

Hi all
I'm really proud to announce that Equipexpress Ltd. is now an official Autoboss distributor, appointed by sole British importer, Autoboss UK.  I'm very keen on the Autoboss V30 PRO, which is quite similar in coverage to the Launch Master but benefits greatly from an amazingly bright colour screen, very fast operation and the ability to print graphs as well as text.  It also has a facility for comparing two vehicles and highlighting differences between the two, which could help point you towards faults.