About Equipexpress

Although modern and up-to-date in outlook, Equipexpress Ltd. is a company that embodies over 30 years’ personal experience in the diagnostic equipment field. This type of equipment, predominantly fault code readers and scan tools, is becoming better value all the time but you still need guidance to make sure you get the best value for your hard-earned £. That’s where we can help, first by carefully selecting what goes on the site and then by offering good advice, based on sound knowledge. Finally, to give you a small taste of our service, here’s an unsolicited testimonial:

Always buy from an official dealer

” Dear Equipexpress

First of all, thank you for the unbeatable service and assistance you have provided me when purchasing my Autel Diagnostic scanner. I am very happy with the diagnostic scanner I acquired from you and very grateful for the excellent support and after sales service you provided. I will certainly return to you for my next device.

Thanks and regards

Dr. Ramiro Cali-Corleo
Malta “

"If it gets on this site, you know it's alright!"

Dunblane, Scotland

Phone: 07854-021502 (from the UK); 44 7854 021502 from overseas
E-mail: equipexpressltd@yahoo.co.uk