A message from Autel and Equipexpress about "grey" imports and counterfeit products

I had a phone call the other day from a customer interested in the new Autel DS808EU scan tool. After I’d answered a number of technical queries and quoted the price, £995 + VAT, he said he’d seen the machine advertised at £650, a lot less than I’m paying and obviously not for an official UK unit. To avoid any misunderstanding and disappointment, I invite you to read the Autel UK news sheet below.

Remember, if a supplier can’t give you the 10-digit warranty number (beginning EU1……..) and a UK dealer number e.g 2011-59, you’re not comparing apples with apples. Official UK units are guaranteed to be genuine and adapted for the British market. They benefit from technical support provided by Autel UK, including help with fixing specific cars and this is renewed each time you buy software updates, after your initia1 free period is over. Also, grey units will only come with 1 year’s updates, as the second year is added by Autel UK

For the money involved, it’s just not worth it to go the “grey” route, let alone contemplate anything counterfeit.