Autel J2534 Pass-Through


Maxi-Flash Pro official UK Autel J2534 pass-thru’ programming interface £849 + VAT
Autel J2534 box for MS908



Now just launched for the European market, is Autel’s Pass-Thru’ programming device the Maxi-Flash Pro. This is used in conjunction with the MS908 and software licensed by the car manufacturer, to permit a full range of dealer-level programming. For £849+ VAT you can add this J2534 box to an existing MS908 (cost £1995 + VAT), or buy it as part of a new MS908Pro, making the total £2495 + VAT instead of £2844 + VAT. Alternatively, go for the MS908 Elite at £2995 + VAT, with its J2534, docking station and amazing Retinal Screen

The Autel J2534 pass-thru’ interface is standard on the MS908 Pro and Elite and optional on the MS908, where it replaces the VCI.


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