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Comparison of different Autel Scan Tool Models

Customers say what they really want from us is an honest assessment of individual scan tools, with differences between models highlighted and the associated costs accurately described. This page sets out to do just that. Let’s start with our core model, the Autel MS906:


Over 80 manufacturers are covered by the MS906, including exotics like Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Rolls Royce (and our own Focus RS!), alongside all the usual makes and models. It works by plugging in direct to the car; bluetooth is not featured.

  • Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicle makes
  • Complete capabilities for codes, live data, actuation tests, adaptations and ECU coding
  • Displays live data in text, graph, analog and digital gauge for easy data review and analysis
  • DPF, EPB, Oil Service reset, BMS, ABS/SRS and many more functions

A wide range of earlier pre-OBDII plugs is included and the screen is 8 inch. Extensive adaption and programming is offered and the list price is just £1345 + VAT (Limited time offer just £1195 + VAT) for the official UK model. Non-mandatory updates, after TWO YEARS!, are £475 + VAT and you get all the updates you missed, PLUS a year’s further updates AND a year’s technical support from Autel UK. This support helps you with individual car problems you might encounter, NOT just machine issues, which are extremely rare. Warranty is 2 years.

The MS906 looks for updates via your Wi-Fi and loads them automatically, so you don’t miss out and you can be sure of getting your money’s worth.


The DS808EU at £795 + VAT (usually £995) comes with EXACTLY the same programmes as the MS906, so its capabilities are identical. The screen is an inch smaller than the MS906’s at 7″ and the processor is slightly but not noticeably slower. Non-mandatory update cost after the first TWO YEARS! is reduced to £399 + VAT from £475 + VAT, including Autel UK SUPPORT.

The machine comes in a smart plastic carrying case, warranty is 2 years and the software searches automatically for updates, so you truly get your money’s worth, by not missing any.


The MD808Pro, at just £349 + VAT, is the entry-level product in Autel’s Professional range. It is aimed at the mobile technician or advanced DIYer, providing base diagnostics on all modules. The MD808Pro supports Oil Reset, EPB, SAS, BMS and DPF service functions. Updates are via your PC and they are FREE FOR LIFE!

MS908 + VCI

Now, going UP the product range from the MS906, we come to the MS908. Together with its bluetooth VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface) this sells for £1995 + VAT. The capability is the same as the MS906 and DS808UK, EXCEPT that the MS908 also has additional adaptions and basic programming functions as standard. Updates are automatic and they cost a non-mandatory £745 + VAT annually, after the first TWO YEARS! The MS908 has a 10″ screen instead of 8″ on the MS906 and 7″ on the DS808EU. Also unlike the smaller machines, it can accept an MV105 Borescope, MP408 four channel oscilloscope and J2534 ECU pass-thru’ device.


The MS908Pro at £2495 + VAT is the same as the MS908 + VCI, but also brings with it Autel’s J2534 ECU programming device. As standard, the MS908Pro has extra functionality included in the tool’s software. For example, you receive Mercedes and BMW programming with no subscription. As regards other brands, the MS908Pro allows you to subscribe to individual vehicle manufacturers’ full dealer software, make by make. This can be delivered by manufacturer cloud or download. After the first TWO YEARS!, annual non-mandatory MS908 and J2434 updates combined cost £1195 + VAT. Once again, the MS908Pro can accept an Autel Borescope and/or a 4 channel Autel Oscilloscope.

MS908 Elite

The MS908 Elite at £2995 + VAT is the same as the MS908 Pro EXCEPT for the following:

It features Autel’s fastest quad-core Tegra plus 1 processor, a superb retinal screen for even greater clarity, a larger 13600mAh lithium polymer battery and a handsome docking/charging station. This is truly the top of the range and is, at £2995+ VAT, still relatively inexpensive. After the first TWO YEARS!, annual non-mandatory MS908 and J2434 updates combined cost £1195 + VAT. Once again, the MS908 Elite can accept an Autel Borescope and/or a 4 channel Autel Oscilloscope.