Greatly expanded Autel Professional range

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There have been huge changes at Autel UK, our main supplier. Centred on the smash-hit MS906, the Autel professional range has now been extended, both up and down, as described below:

The official UK MS906 lists at £1345 + VAT. We now have, in addition the DS808Pro for £995 + VAT. Although lacking the old-style, pre-2000 plugs of the MS906 and having a 1″ smaller screen, it has EXACTLY the same programme and therefore software coverage as the MS906. What a bargain!

Even cheaper is the new MD808Pro. At only £349 + VAT, this replaces the MOTPro at £495 + VAT and amazingly comes with FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE!. In case you’re wondering what is the difference between this and the dearer models, the MD808Pro is an entry level machine, primarily for service functions and can’t for instance, programme in new components. It does a lot though and, of course, there are no running costs.

Above the MS906, are three versions of the MS908. This has a 9.7″ screen, as opposed to the 7.9″ of the MS906. The programme is otherwise identical to that of the MS906 but has additional coding and programming as standard. It can also accept the Autel Maxivideo MV105 at £125 + VAT and the Autel MP408 4 channel Oscilloscope at £645 + VAT. All versions of the MS908 can accept these two items. The MS908 at £1995 + VAT comes with the VCI Vehicle Communication Interface, for bluetooth communication with the vehicle, whereas the DS808Pro and MS906 are hardwired.

The MS908Pro at £2495 + VAT is the same as the MS908, except the VCI is replaced by a J2534 pass-thru’ programming box, enabling dealer-level access, subject to subscribing to vehicle manufacturer software, one subscription per make. The MS908 Elite at £2995 + VAT adds to this a retinal screen and a docking/charging station.

I know this is a lot to get a grasp of in one go, so I suggest you request a free, priced, catalogue by going to Even the optional second and subsequent years updates are priced.

Then you can give us a call on 07854-021502 or e-mail

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