New Autel MS906 scanner brings upparallelled price/perfomance

Hi all

Autel’s top selling DS708 scan tool is £1245 + VAT, with all the plugs etc. supplied. If you want a tablet-based unit you need the MS905 at £1625+ VAT and that comes with an OBDII plug only. To get all the plugs and functions in a tablet, you need the MS908 at £1995 + VAT. Now, with the arrival of the MS906, this has all changed.

The official UK Autel Maxisys MS906 (to give it its full name) is a tablet-based scan tool with a SIX-CORE processor for lightning fast response, the complete all-makes Autel software package, a full set of older-style OBD1 plugs and a single OBDII style plug for more modern vehicles. It’s housed in a large, impressive, carrying case too. Astonishingly, it’s only £1245 + VAT. Talk about Bang for the Buck!

When the first MS906 arrived here, I was amazed at its performance as well as being astonished by its appearance and presentation. This prompted me to shoot a video, which you can now see on YouTube at

I hope you’ll be impressed too. If so, call us on 07854-021502 or



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