NEW! Official UK Autel DS708 Compact only £860 + VAT!

Hi all,

The official UK Autel DS708 PRO scanner at £1245 + VAT is a big seller, but what if you could have virtually the same thing for only £860 + VAT? The new Autel DS708 Compact misses out just a few pre-2000 plugs (which you never use anyway) and 3 elements of Autodata (which you probably already subscribe to).

Just think about what you ARE getting:

  • 5Gb of amazing software, with deep and wide coverage and plenty of coding and programming SAME as the DS708 PRO
  • Smart, strong carrying case, SAME as on the DS708 PRO
  • 2 years’ warranty SAME as on the DS708 PRO
  • 1 year’s on-line updates SAME as on the DS708 PRO
  • Free phone support from Autel UK and Equipexpress SAME as on the DS708 PRO
  • 16-pin OBDII, 20 -pin BMW and 38-pin Mercedes plugs SAME as on the DS708 PRO, with others available at (small) extra cost
  • Big colour screen and fast processor SAME as on the DS708 PRO
  • Working with an official UK dealer, Equipexpress Ltd, Autel no. 2011-59
  • 21 day money back guarantee
  • Registered and updated on the day of despatch

Just check out the link below for more info. and photos

then order on-line, phone me on 07854-021502 or e-mail

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