Ford TDCI Injector coding and the Autel DS708

Hi all,

When potential Autel DS708 customers ask me “what doesn’t it do?”, I usually say “Rovers and Ford TDCI injector coding”. No-one seems too bothered about the first but they would like to be able to do injector coding. Well, now this feature has been added and it works really well. Last week, I spoke to a Kilmarnock customer, an ex-Ford technician. He said he’d just done a Fiesta TDCI and the job was a “piece of cake”. He thought that the machine’s simple procedure, together with its huge (7″)virtual keyboard were particularly helpful.

Now I’ll have to think of something else I can say the DS708 can’t handle. Maybe I could mention “Ferrari” – after all, it already does Maserati, Bentley, Maybach and Bugatti!



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