Improved coverage for Autel DS708 and DS708 PRO

Hi all,

Subscribers to Autel DS708 and DS708 PRO updates will be pleased to note that Proton, Perodua and Rolls-Royce have now been added to the machine’s repertoire. Whilst you might not see many of these, it’s nice to know you could handle any that came along.

If your updates have expired, it’s worth noting that renewing them through Equipexpress automatically makes a DS708 perform like a DS708 PRO, with 1 year’s access to 3 elements of Autodata via your PC.

If you fancy an update (£399 + VAT for a year) and are still on the old 4Gb memory card, we’ll put the latest software on an 8Gb card and then you just have to pop it into the side of the machine. There is no extra charge for this.



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